Mediation Services

Our legal system is predicated on an  adversarial model. In order for that model to succeed, we as attorneys must zealously represent and advocate for our clients. At times, clients and attorneys can be caught up in the litigation fight (or the threat of litigation)  and lose perspective on the most effective way to achieve the best possible result in a particular dispute.

There are many tools available for our consideration in that circumstance including skilled negotiation as well as various forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). In my experience, most clients would prefer not to go through the stress and expense of litigation if they can achieve the same or better result without litigation. An individual’s personality,  circumstances and risk tolerance are also factors to consider when presenting options to a client so that he or she can make informed choices about how to proceed. There are also times when some form of ADR, often mediation, is mandated by the court.

Smaller disputes involving family, neighbors, coworkers, or work-related conflicts may be resolved by mediation faster, more economically and often with less damage to relationships between the parties.

I offer mediation services  on a sliding scale. Please call or email me to schedule  a free telephone or in person consultation.